Original Television Christmas Classics

Posted by Lisa MarieMary

I found it! I found it! I'm so excited! Remember yesterday when I was telling you that my daughter had seen a DVD advertised with all the cool old TV Christmas movies on it? Well, I went digging around on Amazon, switching up my search terms - a little here - a little there...

And I found it! Funny thing is, I'm not sure whether I'm more excited for her or for me! I mean, this is my childhood we're talking about, right?


Well, and people older than I, as well. I'm not sure exactly how old these movies are - that is the next thing I'm gonna go digging around to find. That quest shouldn't be too hard - between IMDB and Wikipedia, I'm sure I'll have the answers in no time at all!

Here it is!!!

The reviews on the thing are amazing!! People are so happy to get these! Remember how it was when we were kids and we would be SO EXCITED that the movie was going to be on and it was the ONLY opportunity we had to see it???

Oh, what about every year when The Wizard of Oz would come on TV? Same thing! It was a MONDO big deal!

Weird, huh? Now we're in TOTAL control. Blessing in disguise, kind of, I'd say - that buildup of excitement is missing quite a bit. And everyone at school the next day talking about it...

Ah well...

Oh! Look, I found another one:


Charlie Brown Christmas

Posted by Lisa MarieMary

I just love "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!! It is definitely one of my favorites! I missed it last night on TV, so I went looking for it on Hulu.com and found it there. Yea!!

That player is just a little too wide for this theme Never mind! I got it fixed - cool! I wasn't sure if it would look ok if I adjusted the sizes myself, but, it did great!

I know my daughter is having so much fun watching lots of Christmas movies over the last couple of weeks. (Ack! I've been horrible so far and haven't watched any with her - must remedy that!!)

She saw a DVD advertised with all of the old Christmas movies on it - you know the ones - Frosty the Snowman, Charlie Brown and all that. I need to hunt that down for her!

I did find this "A Charlie Brown Christmas" book:

They're also selling something a little strange. They are selling the 'tree' from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for $15. Um, yeah, that's a bit on the weird side.

It's ...a branch

...on some wood.

That's it. Just goofy, if you ask me! LOL

Here - you wanna see it? I'll go get the link for it:

And OMG!! It's not $15 - it's $25! That's crazy. I think it be would cuter, sweeter, and more fun to make one than buy one. Oh well, what do I know?

Christmas Crafts For Kids

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Here are some fun and adorable Christmas crafts you can make with your kids! I really like the button crafts - those are just too cute!

A Christmas Carol

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I'm going with my daughter and the whole sixth grade from her school to see the play, "A Christmas Carol" tomorrow! I can't wait!

I've never been to Georgia before, so it will be my first time there, too. I absolutely love this play and I think we're going to have a blast!

Illustory - A Totally Awesome Christmas Present!

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The IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit is a WONDERFUL gift for young children! That's what this bookworm thinks, anyway! I bought one for my nephew last year and it was a HIT! He and his parents absolutely loved it! DJ got to make his very own book with his very own story and his very own pictures! How much cooler than that can it get? ;)

Here is the description from the manufacturer:
Here's your child's opportunity to take their own story and drawings and turn them into a professionally typeset, hardbound book.This multi-award-winning activity kit allows any child to be the author of a 12-page, typeset, 7" x 9", hardbound book. Budding authors write, illustrate and design their book, then mail the manuscript to the publisher for publication. Imaginations will run wild illustrating and writing a story using the 10 washable markers and 18 special book pages included in the kit. Once complete, send everything to the publisher in the prepaid envelope (included). In just a few weeks, your child's book arrives bound and ready to be added to the family library. Extra copies can be ordered for an additional cost and make thoughtful gifts for teachers, friends and family. IlluStory also offers an Internet production option that includes online drawing tools, backgrounds and stickers, allows for more words per page, and offers a choice of font styles and colors and faster production times at no extra cost. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Winner, Parents' Choice Classic Award Winner, Family Life's Best Learning Toy Award Winner. IlluStory Paper Sketching and Tracing Creations By You Arts and Crafts

Seriously, you have got to check this thing out! I only wish that IlluStory
had been around when my kids were little.

Wonder if they make a teenage version? Hmmm... ;)